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Aquatic Weed Control

Our experienced professionals work closely with major herbicide manufacturers, environmental biologists, and land managers in developing the most beneficial weed control strategies tailored to meet and exceed our customers’ specific vegetation management goals. Our rapidly growing Aquatics Division is undergoing exciting changes as we expand not only the geographic area we service, but the scope and scale of the programs we manage.

When developing a vegetation management program, it is important to practice Integrated Pest Management (IPM) principles; which includes a balance among chemical, biological, and mechanical means of weed control. Here at SprayCo, we specialize in the application of herbicides, and believe it is the most effective and versatile management strategy for controlling nuisance aquatic plant populations. Herbicides provide longer lasting control, and ultimately cost less than the labor intensive, temporary relief achieved by mechanical methods. Herbicides are an integral part of controlling invasive weeds; however, correct weed identification and herbicide selection are extremely important factors in developing an effective program, and that’s just what we do.

Who benefits from the Aquatic Weed Control services Sprayco provides?

  • Water & Flood Control Districts

  • Municipalities & County Agencies

  • River Authorities

  • Lakefront property owners

  • Pond Owners

  • Drainage Canals & Irrigation Systems

  • Land Developers

  • Industrial: outflow ditches

  • Treatment Ponds

  • Parks & Golf Coarse Ponds

  • Community Maintenance groups

  • Home Owners Associations


Environmental Risk Management:

  • Applicators are licensed through the Texas Dept. of Ag, and trained at the Houston Area Safety Council

  • All chemicals are EPA approved and applied according to label requirements.

Methods of Application:

Our fleet is well equipped and able to combat any aquatic weed infestation

  • Airboat application for any size job-GPS tracks defined upon completion

  • Pro Drive Jon boat for restricted access areas

  • ATV Application along canals, shorelines, and around smaller ponds

We have the experience, we have the equipment, given the chance, we’ll put it to good work for you!


Brush Control

Integrated Vegetation Management For Utility Right-of-Ways

Our ever-growing Right-of-Way department can handle even your biggest jobs. Whether it’s acres of spraying and mowing, or miles of tree clearance you need- we provide the best in pipeline and utility right-of-way maintenance through both chemical and mechanical management.

Utility: Native Grass Release

Fact: Overgrown utility right-of-ways (ROWs) do not support native grass establishment or healthy habitat.

Problem: Mechanical methods are often destructive, and can’t provide long-term control of unwanted vegetation.

Solution: Herbicides deliver effective, long-lasting control of unwanted vegetation, and help release native grasses and wildlife-preferred forage on utility ROWs.

Suitable for difficult terrain and any height/density brush.

High-Volume Foliar (ground broadcast): Selective control with minimal understory runoff and off-target damage. Best for medium-to high- density brush up to 10 feet in height.


Low-Volume Foliar (backpack): Selectively treats individual foliage with low-to-medium density and heights to 10 feet. Superior efficiency, minimal chemical load.


Cut surface: Ideal for areas where mechanical equipment

can’t reach. Prevents resprouting. Cutting required only once, stumps can be treated immediately or several weeks later.


Basal bark: Low-profile and lowimpact on terrain, highly selective. Treats individual stems, best for low-stem density sites. Can be performed in the dormant season.


brush control

Environmental Services

  • Invasive Species Eradication

  • Wetland Restoration

  • Duck Pond Maintenance

  • Wildlife habitat Restoration

  • Land Clearing

  • Brush Removal

  • Pond Restructuring

  • Tree Inventory Reporting

  • Hazard Tree Identification

  • Tree Removal & Trimming

Specialized projects designed to manage specific vegetation management needs. Land clearing, invasive species eradication, tree inventory reporting, pond restructuring.



Bareground or Soil Sterilization

Areas where zero vegetation – “bareground applications” may be the best options are:

  •  Manufacturing Facilities

  • Refineries

  • Rail Roads / Switch Yards

  • Substation / Service Centers

  • Industrial /Auto yards

  • Petroleum Tank Farms

  • Fence lines

  • Roadsides

The benefits of Bareground Application

  • Lower cost and time consumption than mechanical methods

  • Increases worker and site safety

  • Reduces breeding habitats for pests

  • Decreases water damage to materials, buildings and property


Industries We Serve

Oil and Gas, Electric Co-ops, Government, River Authorities, Water and Utility Companies, Business Parks, Commercial, Sub Stations, etc…

Areas We Serve

Licensed in Texas, Louisiana, and Arkansas

Serving the Gulf Coast Since 1957

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